Re: Scar Tissue

Sat Apr 3 21:03:09 2004

I am only 36 years old and have had at least 19 surgeries on my abdomen,from hysterectomy to incisional hernias,now i have an open wound that has been there for 1 year and 11 months,now i have staph infection and a few other infections in that wound and my lymphnodes are swollen something awful in the other side of the abdomen,who helped clear up the infection that you had and they had to really cut all that infection out,,,,,,,

I need help really bad and my doctor is not trying at all,,,,,i was referred to a physician and he wanted to cut the wound back open double its size and inject alcohol in the abdominal wall muscles to kill the nerve endings,,,,,but i refused that procedure because im just setting myself up for worse infection and alcohol hurts just a sore just imagine what it would do to raw muscle,,,,,,,,,,,But anyway my doctor is trying to put me off on someone else so that he is not involved,,,,,,,,,,even though he debreed the wound in his office,,,,,,,,i think thats where i got the infection for thats not a sterile environment

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