Re: What can pain clinic do for me?10 yrs outbound/scar tissue

From: Lillian (
Tue Dec 23 16:53:07 2003

Hello, Well I have had several nerve blocks which really didn't make much difference fot the pain. I have had a thing called matrix which is like a stronger thing than Tens unit. No help. So now been on meds. Where do you live? I live in South Louisiana. I have a great surgeon who has kept my surgery laparoscopy and taken down the adhesions just don't have anything to stop the adhesion reformation. Good luck to ya. Lil

At Tue, 23 Dec 2003, judi wrote: >
>Hi All,I need to know what a pain clinic has done for you.I am 10 years
>outbound from cancer surgery and have been in chronic pain for 10
>years.came off darvocet 2 years ago and have been dealing with alot of
>depression from the I want to know if you have any positive out
>comes and what they did for you.thank you for any support.

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