Re: Decision made...going to Germany

From: Wendy (
Tue Dec 23 16:53:04 2003

Thank you Lin and thank you to everyone who has emailed me with their encouragements, concerns and information. Submitting your body, mind and soul to surgery or medical care should involve sincere investigation and prayer. I am fortunate to have the ability to pursue treatment outside of the USA if I so chose, and friends and family who support me in whatever I decide. I wish for all of my fellow sufferers the guidance towards relief of adhesion pain and quality of life. Have a blessed Christmas with the hope, knowledge and confidence that you are in control and that through the support and encouragement of others, nothing is out of your reach. I will not be a stanger to this website and will keep the information flowing! Recovery and relief is what we all look forward too, and it is worth our time and efforts! May 2004 bring us all what we are searching for :)

At Tue, 23 Dec 2003, lin wrote: >
>Good luck Wendy!!! I hope everything goes well for you. Please keep us
>updated on your recovery.

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