looking at adhesion surgery. need links

From: LauraKH (gotaminivan@ivillage.com)
Tue Dec 23 16:53:29 2003

I'm in a lot of pain, and my gyn wants to do a lap/adhesiolysis. I talked to her on the phone today, and she's treating what she thinks is yet another UTI (#5 in 3 months) and wants to see me on the 8th for a consult concerning surgery or my other options. As for the UTI, she told me my adhesion could be contributing to them. When I ask people who are knowledgeable about adhesions, they tell me I am going to get more adhesions from a surgery, but I don't feel there's another option out there, without haivng to put myself and my family through a life of chronic pain.

I need links to info. I want pros and cons of adhesiolysis, and some personal stories. My GYN is trained and certified in advanced laproscopy, so I'm very comfortble with her, and don't want another doc. Does anyone have more information?

Anyone who has had this procedure, what is recovery time? How long in the hospital?

Thanks in advance for any information. I want to fully research my choiced and options before I see her on the 8th, and I want to be informed.


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