Re: 'Rough' Vaginal Ultrasound - now adhesions

From: Amber (
Sun Dec 21 16:40:08 2003

Is it common for a physician to physically tear a vaginal adhesion. My daughter is 2years old and we have tried using the creams hydrocort. and premarin, and vaseline. The adhesion keeps returning. I was told this problem is common in young girls up until the age of 2 and will normally fix itself when her body starts producing enought estrogen to keep the area lubricated enough so irritation doesn't occur. We have kept the area as dry as possible, and also applied the creams as directed. Is it possible she has another problem her doctor may not be aware of and be more serious than first thought. When the adhesion was manually torn, it caused her to have a tremendious amount of pain and she is refusing to urinate because it is to painful now. Thank you for any information you can provide, Thank you

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