Re: Adhesions and Pregnancy

From: Cynthia (
Tue Dec 23 06:52:05 2003

Robyn, I had two surgeries to have fibroids removed. You can get pregnant after having the surgery. I am currently 3 months pregnant and so far everything looks fine!!!! It takes time. All I can say is be patient and keep trying. It's best to try 1-2 years after having surgery because they come back rather quickly.

At Thu, 13 May 1999, Robyn Markelz wrote: >
>I had a myomectomy to remove fibroids four weeks ago. This was my
>second myo in four years. My doctor found that I had a large amount of
>adhesions around my tubes and ovaries. My tubes were damaged from the
>adhesions. She cleaned everything up and now I have a chance to get
>pregnant without the adhesions growing back. Had anyone had luck with
>getting pregnant after having the adhesions removed?

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