Re: why don't they take me seriously?

From: Balde Family (
Sun Dec 21 16:39:22 2003

HI! I'm kind of new too. I'm 33 and have had a total hysterectomy(in 2 different surgeries!) and endometriosis, adhesions, etc... The pulling sensation and sharp pain sounds like what I experience from the adhesions. As well as the nausea, etc. Anyone that says that's normal is nuts! I've been given the same run around about pain meds from my ob/gyn, my primary care doc and general pain specialists I've seen. They treat me like a druggie, or at least like I could become one, so I understand about hoarding medications. I was affraid my last bottle would be my last one ever, so I started cutting them in half. They at least help a little bit, better than nothing. But my doc, who is a pelvic pain specialist, filled the script for me, no questions, which was what i was hoping and what he has been doing for me every time I ask. He doesn't treat me like a druggie and is very understanding. He can see that I'm not overdosing myself and knows what kind of pain I'm dealing with because he sees it everyday. I thank God that I have him now. I don't know where you're from, but he's in Michigan. He's a pelvic pain specialist at the U of M. He's been on 20/20 or one of the other nighttime news shows before, can't remember which one, my memory slips lately-pain will do that to you. Anyway, he's brilliant and has a wonderful bedside manner. He's the first doc that seemmed to really and truly understand what I was going through and how to treat it. They call him the "robot doc" because he is developing a robot that will do the surgeries laparoscopically so as to prevent adhesions, cut down on healing time and pain after surgery. He does most of his surgeries lap. now. He actually felt bad that he couldn't do my last surgery by lap, but there was no way getting around it(at least not yet for him, but he's working on it), because I had so many adhesions and many holding my bowel down. He had to have another surgeon come into the operating room to assist him and that doc didn't know how to do it all by lap. Anyway, if you're interested his name is Dr.Arnold Advincula. He's very busy and kind of hard to get in to see, but he's worth the wait. Take care. Samantha

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