Infections from Adhesions

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Tue Dec 16 14:50:20 2003

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Do you think you could have a fistula? It is a communication between two things that are normally separate. For example, a small fistula (passage) from the colon to the bladder, or colon to the vagina (depending where your E coli infections show up)? Just food for thought. If it were something like this, there is a good chance it can be fixed. Don't know if I'm "barking up the wrong tree.." , but thought I'd run it by you. Take care, Judy

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I do have one thing that keeps happening that I want to know if anyone else experiences. I keep getting infections that come back E-Coli.

I know that it is related to the intestines and the adhesions.(My intestines are "Glued Down" around my vaginal area) Besides the pain, I always feel so ill from the infections. I was wondering if anyone else has chronic infections. I don't even bother going to the dr. anymore with the infections as they continually come back after I get them cleared up. Any one else with this problem? Kelly

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