havent been on much lately

From: Robin (rmasse2333@aol.com)
Tue Dec 16 14:49:08 2003

Dear All, I have not been here much the last few months. I spent alot of time in Pheonix with my sis who was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer the end of August. She spent most of the time since then in the hospital. I helped my Mom take care of her. Being with her when Mom had surgery in October and when she needed to do things and didn't want my Sis left alone. I spent 3 weeks with her last month returning home after Thanksgiving. I was to go back last week, but came down with a cold. Her son was in Iraq, but the Red Cross was called & they made arrangements for his return. He arived in Phx Sat night. Sunday, my Sis went to Heaven with her son, one of her daughters and Mom & Dad by her side. Our hearts are broken now, but we know the Lord will heal them. My Sis & I were very close. We were 1 year & 3 weeks apart. The last few months have been hard on me because she was the one I called when I needed to talk to someone. One of her vocal cords had been parelized during her biopsy in August so it was very hard for her to talk. I never told her bye because I really didn't think she would die. She was one of the main contribotors in my trip to Germany for surgery. She is survied by her husband Jim, her son Cliff(19), 2 daughters Amber (18) & Rachel (8), her daughter in law, Tara and Grandson Aiden (3 months) Her Mom & Dad, 2 Sisters and a Brother & lots of neices, nephews and great neices and nephews. She was greeted in Heaven by both sets of grandparents, a cousin and a Aunt and by our Lord. She will be missed by so many, as she touched so many lives. A Memorial Service will be held in her home town of Ajo, Arizona on Saturday. Thank you to all that prayed for her & my family the last few months. love robin

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