Re: obstruction of small intestine - can't tolerate fibre

From: Charles Misak (
Tue Dec 16 14:48:56 2003

I had colon resection surgery in August and a month later developed severe abdominal and stomach cramping/pain. Went to the ER and was diagnosed as having a partial blockage in the small intestine. Went on IV, pain killer and two types of antibiotics and was OK in a few days... no advise was provided on how to avoid this in the future. In Nov, while traveling I had the same thing happen, only worse, and spent 5 days in the hospital. A surgeon there wanted to "take a look down there", meaning operate. I checked myself out of the hospital and came back to my primary physician and spent another 3 days in the hospital, just waiting for it to cure itself, which it finally did. Have been diagnosed with adhesions on or in the small intestine. Just by chance, as I was leaving the hospital, a nurse gave me a recommended diet which eliminates all foods with fiber... I got further encouragement about the success possibilites of this by reading the articles in this chat room. I've followed this diet now for 2 weeks and haven't had the hint of a problem... Can anyone else confirm , from their experience, that eliminating fiber may be THE solution to this type problem?

Charles Misak

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