Re: ahesions vs endometriosis

From: Debbie (
Tue Dec 9 07:35:00 2003

Your symptoms could easily be endometriosis, adhesions or both. With your history I'd say laparoscopy is definitely something to consider. The key, though, is having surgery with a doctor who is very knowledgeable regarding endometriosis and highly skilled at treating it surgically. I have endo and having surgery with an endo specialist, Dr. Andrew Cook, was the only thing that helped me after 14 years of treatment at the hands of incompetent but well meaning doctors.

Endometriosis can cause adhesions so if it's there, the best possible course of treatment is to have it thoroughly removed at surgery. Don't agree to a diagnostic only is a waste of time.

Contact me anytime if there's anything I can do to help.


At Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Cecilia wrote: Here is my questions (thanks for being patient): 1) How are the symptoms different between adhesions and endo? 2) Has any of you had success with surgery for either ( I keep hearing stories about women only feeling better for a couple of months after surgery)

Any advice, ideas would be so appreciated!

Thank you

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