Re: Symptoms

From: Pat (
Mon Dec 8 07:38:12 2003


I couldn't help but notice the pain you describe in leg, foot, lower back, groin. I have all of these and some and have been seeking a diagnosis for years. I just recently found this forum and truly believe that adhesions are causing all of my pain.

I'd also like to ask you, though, how you were diagnosed with fibromyalgia? I have GERD, carpal tunnel, and constant fatigue and joint pain to the point where I can barely walk on some days.

Also, when someone unexpectedly touches certain parts of my back even slightly, I jump from the pain like a burning or like I have a huge bruise there when there is nothing.

Does this sound like anything you experienced prior to your fibro diagnosis?


At Mon,  1 Sep 2003, Shelby wrote:
>Is there aplace where I can learn more about the symptoms and what they
>mean?  I break out into sweats. Pain in my legs.......

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