Can't sleep...anyone know any tricks

From: Wendy (
Thu Dec 4 15:55:14 2003

Hi Everyone, Since my lysis of adhesions on 11/13, the pain has intensified, specifically on my left side. During the day, you just grin a bear it, but at night...that's a whole nother story. Even if I'm feeling half good, once I lay down that pain starts in, sharp and wave like. Other than pain meds, I've tried laying on different sides at different angles, which sometimes works for a short period of time. I've tried getting on my hands and knees, and that sometimes relieves the pain, only to return when I try laying down. Has anyone found a way to sleep standing up!! :) That's the only position that hurts the least. Hope you can share some tips... I'm looking into Dr. Reich and Dr. Kruschinski, because after reading so many of your stories, I really don't want to go through surgery after surgery if I can help it. I so appreciate all of you, and the real warriors you actually are. Take care and thanks, Wendy

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