Need Help & Prayers

From: Tracey (
Thu Dec 4 15:56:20 2003

Hello and God Bless all of you ARD sufferers. This place gives me comfort in knowing I'm not alone. I've had about 9 surgeries and just like everyone else here,the adhesions keep coming back worse. Last adhesiolysis was done May 2002. Surgeons will not grant me another one or refer me to Pennsylvania. I've been told to get off my pain meds and go to pain management 1 hour drive away. It gets better, I don't have insurance. I had to quit my job and move in with parents, couldn't afford to keep the house. Now I can't afford pain management because they want $375 cash just to let me know if they can help me. They told me right out, they prefer not to deal with people who don't have insurance. My husband's new job will give us insurance in February, but they said I have a pre-existing problem and not sure how long before they can cover me. I want to file for disability, but the doctors told me they can't tell me what to do either way. My family doctor told me to make my pain meds last. I don't abuse drugs. I don't like the feeling, but if they are what keeps me from going and spending the night in ER I will take one when extremely necessary. I'm so sorry I put my family through this. I need anti-depressants badly. I feel so hopeless, angry, and sad. I'm 35 and feel like I'm 85. I'm so sorry my message is so long. Please, send me some advice or feedback, please. Thank you and again GOD BLESS! Tracey

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