Re: Stomach pain in Colon area

From: Janine (
Thu Dec 4 15:54:53 2003

I'm 25 and having the same problem.i'm so frustared with doctors keep sending me home i've had 2 ultra sounds and nothing shows up. this story really comforted me. because i know i'm feeling this pain and it gets worse and i don't know what else to do because i also don't have health insurance. if you have any information on these symptons and can help me pin point what it is please e-mail me. I truly believe it's not my overy even though thats where the pain is. thank you.

At Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Stacy wrote:

>In October 2000, I began having a sharp pain to the left of my right hip
>(around the area of my ovaries). I had a sonogram done which showed a
>cyst on my right overy. The pain didn't go away, and continued, so I
>went to my OB/GYN since I thought it was ovary related. The cyst on my
>right overy was gone (ob/gyn believes it was just me ovulating) but the
>continued. She did tests to see if it was appendicitis, which came back
>negative. I had a lower CAT done, a procedure to check my kidneys, 2
>more sonograms, and finally they decided to do a laporoscapy (my
>aplogies for any mis spelled words).

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