Severe Abdominal Pain

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I am sure that everyone has addressed your questions, so I will address something a little bit different. You mentioned that you are on active duty with the Air Force. I am sure that you have heard it all already from people all around you, but it is very important for you to document everything that you have been through, are going through and go through in the future. Do not take this lightly. You need to get a copy of all of your hospital and physician reports. I suffer some very severe side-effects from adhesions which resulted in surgery performed while I was active duty. (You can read my story on the IAS quilt - and then look for a reference to the name is Karla Nygren) That surgery was performed in 1979 and I finally received disability this 100%. With the records of treatment you have already had, you should have no problems in establishing service connection.

If you have any questions, please write to me at . Good Luck. By the way, if I find out after reading the rest of my email, that your questions haven't been answered from my point of view, I will write again.


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Hello, I am a 39 year old male with a history of abdominal adhesions. I am active duty Air Force. In June 1996, I had laparoscopy nissen fundoplication for GERD. After the surgery, I had difficulty swallowing. After several upper GIs and esophagogastroduodenoscopy with dilations, I had open abdominal surger to take down the nissen and do a toupee fundoplication in March 1997. This surgery corrected the difficulty swallowing, however, in late 1999, I started experiencing severe abdominal pain. ........

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