Re: Severe Abdominal Pain

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Wed Dec 3 07:37:51 2003

hi i had the doc use it on me everytime they did surgery and still after over 12 surgeries it didn't work im trying to find an answer and cant im on 80mg oxy and 150 patches and still hurt im looking for a doc whom can handle going in again in mo but cant find one whom will do it any one know someone in mo thanks alaina

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> Hello,
> I am a 39 year old male with a history of abdominal adhesions. I am
> active duty Air Force. In June 1996, I had laparoscopy nissen
> fundoplication for GERD. After the surgery, I had difficulty
> swallowing. After several upper GIs and esophagogastroduodenoscopy with
> dilations, I had open abdominal surger to take down the nissen and do a
> toupee fundoplication in March 1997. This surgery corrected the
> difficulty swallowing, however, in late 1999, I started experiencing
> severe abdominal pain.....

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