Leg Pain and Digestive Problems

From: CD (cdbookstor@aol.com)
Tue Dec 2 20:43:32 2003

Hi All,

I had an oopherectomy and tube removal 10/02. I have also had digestive problems before that. Since the surgery I have had lower abdominal and pelvic pain. Over the last six months it has progressivly worsened. I now have pain in my legs. It isn't shooting pain, but a constant aching pain. I had never tied the two together. I saw a GI Dr. this week and he has scheduled a colonoscopy for next week. He said the leg pain can be associated with ulcerative colitis or crohn's (which runs in my family). Has anyone heard of this? Any help is appreciated. My Gyn sent me to my urologist and my urologist suggested a GI Dr. The prosess of being passed around is why I had been just living with the problems.


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