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From: Robin M (
Mon Apr 28 08:14:33 2003

Dear Nina, Something like you are trying is not out of the question. I think, most things are worth a try, especially if it is not surgery. I have tried just about everything there is to try. If I did not have a surgery date with DR Korell in Germany, I would cut off my arm if I thought it would help. If what you try helps you, it might help someone else. If it ends up not helping, then that is one less thing that someone else need to try. I DO wish you luck with it. robin M

At Sun, 27 Apr 2003, Nina wrote: >
>Please, please do not give up hope! Somewhere out there is the answer. I
>have been working and researching a personal theory of mine. Again, new
>kid so very optimistic. Seems to me like none of us have adhesions as
>our only problems. I have come up with a way to try and be proactive
>with my problems. In researching I have realized that every single one
>of my health problems since childhood (celiac sprue, asthma, oral
>allergy syndrome, surgical removal of kidney stones due to urethral
>collapse, abdominal adhesions) ALL have some sort of inflammatory
>response involved. It's as if my body just goes into inflammatory
>overdrive. Waiting to surgically remove the next batch is too late, I
>want to prevent it from growing in the first place. Taking painkillers
>only masks the problems (yes, I hate to inform you but most opiates do
>not contain anti-inflammatory agents). What I am going to try and do is
>attack my system on multiple fronts, in a way forcing it to "chill out".
>I have discussed this with several MD's (actual MD's, not homeopaths)
>that all agree that it certainly can't hurt anything, as the method I am
>using is diet based and w/ natural supplements. Their only concern
>being slightly lowered immunity or decreased healing ability if it
>works. I have created data charts to track symptoms, and will be 12
>weeks on the intervention, 12 weeks off, then 12 weeks on again to
>establish a pattern.
>I am not a doctor, but I am a Registered Dietitian. We are the experts
>in the field of nutrition. Now wouldn't it be a bizarre twist if this
>theory actually works?
>If you are interested in anymore info you can email me at
>Otherwise I will assume I am driving you all buggy with my happy little
>At Sun, 27 Apr 2003, wrote:
>>Hi all, it's Cherryl here, listen, I am hoping someone can help me out
>>somewhat. I have a doctor's app't tomorrow morning. I have so much going on
>>with me, and have found that my doctor almost seems to have given up on me. I
>>am living with constant pain, not only endo pain, adhesion pain, bowel
>>trouble, but, fibromyalgia as well, beginning stages of arthritis, and osteo
>>arthritis. All he seems to say is excercise more, and anti depressants. Now,
>>I need to go in there tomorrow, and try to get it across to him, that I need
>>to have some quality of life here, i am 34 with one very active 8yr old
>>child. He doesn't want me taking anymore pain killers, and frankly, i am not
>>doing well at all without them, i can't do what i can do when i take them,
>>all i have been doing is pushing, so hard, then dying at night with pain,
>>headaches and such terrible stiffness. At least when i take the meds, i am
>>capable of so much more, without feeling the full effects of pain. It never
>>takes it away totally, but it does help. He at one point offered me a
>>stronger pain med, and it knocked me out, i have been fine taking the tylenol
>>3's, but he does't want me taking those, or any other's any longer! I have
>>had 9 surgeries all of which were laps, for endo, and ruptured ovarian cysts
>> bowel since my last surgery in Aug is a literal mess now, and
>>right at present moment I have such terrible abd, pain, that i feel at times,
>>i may pass out! Someone please try to help explain to me, how to talk to him
>>in a manner that will get across to him......he always tells me how strong i
>>am, and how i can handle this, well the truth is, i can't anymore, and i am
>>so tired.....and so weak, and have lost too much weight,a nd all i hear is
>>how terrible i look, how thin i am, i am worried as well, but i feel so lost,
>>and so very alone. I am tired of feeling like a walking disease, and people
>>thinking i am a nut case..........
>>Thank you all so much

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