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From: Dawn (
Mon Apr 28 05:22:38 2003

Dear Cherryl, I am single mom and had too much to do with out the fog of with the pain is not the answer either. bout the same results as being drugged up...can't get a thing done. Not a great choice, fog of drugs or fog of pain. Sheesh! Your not crazy at all. Mine is 8 yrs as well and boy do they move fast. Much dirt and broken things. Eh, worth every penny. Please don't feel like a terrible mom either. You are surely doing the best you can and the babes are quite a motivator. I taught my daughter at the age of 6 how to make scrambled eggs and toast for dinner on those really bad days.I am sure your child is taking it well but is scared. I put mine in counceling and it also did wonders to help her accept and understand about mommy being sick. It was available free through school. I did find a non narcotic drug that helped me immensly called neurontin. I did really well on this for a long time. It is a seisure medication. at first they started me on 300 mg a day but I did not find great relief untill it was brought up to 2400 mg a day. You do have to go up and down on this drug gradually. It will make you foggy at first but then it is clear sailing once you get use to it. Helps with sleeping too. You hit the bed hard each night and usually get an okay nights sleep. Timing night dose was important to me. if I took my last pill early I would be awake exactly 6 1/2 hour later....4 am...I would tell this doc that you would like to try this non narcotic drug...I mean what the's better than nothing. If you do not get anything for the pain you should really look for a another doctor cause I tried exercise and all it did was make the hurt more intense. Had vicodin for breakthru. I did finally move on to duragesic patch....real space shot then but it kept me comfortable till I could have my adhesiolysis. Praying you have an answer, good results with your doc today. Take good care. I am here if you need to talk more. Let me know if you are doing this on your own cause I can identify with that. Love, Dawn >
>Hi all, it's Cherryl here, listen, I am hoping someone can help me out
>somewhat. I have a doctor's app't tomorrow morning. I have so much going on
>with me, and have found that my doctor almost seems to have given up on me. I
>am living with constant pain, not only endo pain, adhesion pain, bowel
>trouble, but, fibromyalgia as well, beginning stages of arthritis, and osteo
>arthritis. All he seems to say is excercise more, and anti depressants. Now,
>I need to go in there tomorrow, and try to get it across to him, that I need
>to have some quality of life here, i am 34 with one very active 8yr old
>child. He doesn't want me taking anymore pain killers, and frankly, i am not
>doing well at all without them, i can't do what i can do when i take them,
>all i have been doing is pushing, so hard, then dying at night with pain,
>headaches and such terrible stiffness. At least when i take the meds, i am
>capable of so much more, without feeling the full effects of pain. It never
>takes it away totally, but it does help. He at one point offered me a
>stronger pain med, and it knocked me out, i have been fine taking the tylenol
>3's, but he does't want me taking those, or any other's any longer! I have
>had 9 surgeries all of which were laps, for endo, and ruptured ovarian cysts
> bowel since my last surgery in Aug is a literal mess now, and
>right at present moment I have such terrible abd, pain, that i feel at times,
>i may pass out! Someone please try to help explain to me, how to talk to him
>in a manner that will get across to him......he always tells me how strong i
>am, and how i can handle this, well the truth is, i can't anymore, and i am
>so tired.....and so weak, and have lost too much weight,a nd all i hear is
>how terrible i look, how thin i am, i am worried as well, but i feel so lost,
>and so very alone. I am tired of feeling like a walking disease, and people
>thinking i am a nut case..........
>Thank you all so much

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