Re: Connie

Mon Apr 28 09:37:26 2003

> From: "Spincon58 ." <>
> Date: 2003/04/28 Mon AM 02:10:11 GMT
> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
> Subject: Janie
> Janie,
> It seems the only answer to our pain is having surgery, only to have the
> adhesions return. Why would Dr.'s want to touch us ? They would only operate
> if its in a life threatening situation. Sounds grim but true. I was told
> there is an answer with a very caring Dr. in Germany. I would go to the ends
> of the earth to get myself better.
> Connie
> Hi Connie

I wish someone had told me of the possibility of even the existance of adhesions! Several people have replyed to me and two mentioned this Dr Kruschinisk, is this the same Dr you speak about? Janie


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