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Fri Apr 25 15:54:55 2003

> From: (Sally Grigg)
> Date: 2003/04/15 Tue PM 07:00:42 GMT
> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
> Subject: Re: I'm new and need some help/advice
> At Mon, 14 Apr 2003, AnnMarie wrote:
> >
> >Hi I have been commin on this web site recently to read any info I can
> >find on pelvic adhesions. I"m 18 years old, and have had 22 surgeries.
> >I was born with fluid on the brain and had to have a vp shunt put in me
> >whne I was 5 weeks old, that I will have for the rest of my life, and
> >most of my surgeries have been either been on my shunt ( which goes from
> >my head into my stomache ) and gyno problems such as ovarian cysts, scar
> >tissue from all my surgeries, and pelvic pain. I got my first period
> >when I had just turned 10, and since then I have had increasing pelvic
> >pain. Due to all the scar tissue and only having one ovay left
> >becomming pregnant some day will be a challange.I lke most of you feel
> >so drained that i dont have the energy or feel well enough to do the
> >things normal 18 year olds do. Up untill now, my gyno has perscribe
> >pain meds ( ie: vicodon, percocet ect.) but he doesnt feel comfertable
> >prescribing them to me anymore due to my age and the risks. so i went
> >to see a pain manegment clinic and will NEVEr go back. They were really
> >mean, and told me that they were leaving to go to another hospital in
> >june so there wasnt much they could do. I am now also seeing a
> >urologist because the doctors found out through a cystoscopy I have I.C
> >on my bladder also( just what i need more things to add to my pain) when
> >i had my lapaotomy and laposcopies the gyno told me my whole pelivs(
> >bladder, ovary, fallopian tube,bowels evrything.) was incase in scar
> >tissue which was probably what was causing my pain, and now they told me
> >I also have I.C on my bladder. I was just wondering if anyone knows of
> >any good pain mangement in or near the Boston area. I REALLY need any
> >help or info I can get if ANYONE can help please E-mail me or leave a
> >message for me my screen name is Thanks so much
> >for reading my story
> > AnnMarie
> >
> >--
> > AnnMarie
> >
> --
> Dear Annmarie, Welcome to the Adhesions Board. I'm sorry I'm not a doctor.
> Probably the best advice I can give you is for you to read the stories on
> the quilt and past emails which will give you a good idea about all of us
> and our problems with adhesions. Your medical situation sounds complicated,
> but the adhesions cause agony as we all know. At this time there are very few
> doctors who are experts in removing adhesions. There are a few. If I were you
> I would email Dr. Wiseman and see if he could make a referral to someone in
> your area, for some temporary relief. Unfortunately, the newest and best
> substance is caused spraygel and is not yet being used in this country. It is
> being used in Europe, so you could go to Germany to Dr. Kruschinski. His site is
> I know that's a long way to go, but the worse thing you can do
> is to keep having operations by doctors who are not adhesions experts. You
> have come to the right place for adhesions, but the hard part is that you need
> to do your research yourself. You need to take charge of your medical records,
> read, read, read and ask questions. I'm so sorry. Life is not fair sometimes,
> but we are here and this is the place to vent and cry if you want to. With kindest
> regards, Sally Grigg
> Hi, I have been suffering from bowel adhesions for 18 months and have just had corrective surgery, which to my dissapointment has failed. Has anybody experimented with accupuncture yet? I have my first appointment in may, and would be pleased to know if anybody has tried this. And if so has it helped?

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