Re: a question about miralax

From: Nina (
Fri Apr 25 11:30:06 2003

Hey there, Miralax has been my God send. Was placed on it this past winter for "IBS". Amazing how having adhesions wrapped around your intestines and colon can complicate things. My symptoms were that I would go for 2-6 days w/ nothing at all, then suddenly have 20-40 horrendously painful movements in one day. At beginning of each episode would start out normal, go past diarrhea and end with blood tinged mucous. Don't mean to gross you out, though I think we all have a higher tolerance for these topics.

GI put me on Miralax and explained that it is actually a combination of osmotic laxative (which means less chance of dependance he told me), fiber, and stool softener. Have heard of it being used to control diarrhea too though, sometimes what looks like diarrhea is actually a movement trying to move past firmer movements inside.

I have not had any gassiness or cramping at all from this. Only side effect I get is that I get a little nauseaus ocassionally with it. Though that is most likely because I take it in OJ. I have found that it mixes best in OJ, and the tangy taste of the juice can help hide the aftertaste of the Miralax.

Hope this helps somewhat,


At Fri, 25 Apr 2003, wrote: > >Hi sorry to be so bothersome, but I can't seem to get docs to answer >these questions! My doc has perscribed miralax for me. I am confused >because I have problems with diarreah too, is this a fiber supliment, >like metamucil, or more so like a laxative. It appears on research to >be like a laxative, so why would it be perscribed if I have problems >with both? > >More importantly, has anyone had gas and bloating and/or pain from it? I >tend to do so with Metamucil and Citrucel.

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