Re: a question about miralax

From: Jana (
Mon Apr 28 21:30:17 2003

At Fri, 25 Apr 2003, wrote: >Hi, Joanna. Miralax is a form of "plastic" that contains chemicals to break down food particles. Since the plastic cannot be absorbed by the body, it is pushed on through the bowels, and pushes excrement along with it. I cannot take the Miralax because I have adhesions in my bowel so bad (pain an bleeding with EVERY bowel movement now!) that it causes further "obstruction". Without the hard feces to break the adhesions away from my lower bowel, I guess I would have been obstructed a long time ago (last bowel obstruction was in 2000 - followed by a mild stroke!)
>Hi sorry to be so bothersome, but I can't seem to get docs to answer
>these questions! My doc has perscribed miralax for me. I am confused
>because I have problems with diarreah too, is this a fiber supliment,
>like metamucil, or more so like a laxative. It appears on research to
>be like a laxative, so why would it be perscribed if I have problems
>with both?
>More importantly, has anyone had gas and bloating and/or pain from it? I
>tend to do so with Metamucil and Citrucel.

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