Re: Germany

From: Carolyn J Meadows (
Fri Apr 25 11:23:07 2003

Dear WR, I only remember it as told, have no idea why, hope I am wrong. How I wish we had spraygel, abdolift and all for those suffering from adhesions. Life would be so much better for so many. Love Carolyn

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> Carolyn, I do not understand that at all. Why on earth would it not be
> approved for use on the bowels, and if that's true, then where would
> they use it? I mean, everything in the abdomen has to also involve the
> gut!
> wr
> At Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Carolyn J Meadows wrote:
> >
> >Dr. Kruschinski told me when I was there, when SprayGel is approved here
it will NOT be approved to be used on the bowels. So when did adhesions avoid the bowels???? > >Plus no abdolift, plus not the talented artist that Karen spoke
of.....not the same! > >lol Carolyn

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