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From: Karen Steward (
Sun Apr 27 01:03:15 2003

Connie, The ONLY place for you to go is Germany! You CANNOT receive the proper care to assure complete freedom from adhesions in the states! If you could, no one would be going to Germany! Dr. Kruschinski uses the AbdoLift system instead of gas during surgery! This is very important, as cell death occurs when gas is used. Adhesions also form from the popular gas usage (in the states) to fill the abdomen during surgery!! You are trying to rid yourself of adhesions---so you must go where results are really happening! Dr. Kruschinski combines the AbdoLift, SprayGel, & proper equipment to reach the adhesions to bring success to the patient. Please read the several posts on Germany if you haven't already!! Germany IS worth traveling to get the help you need. You will receive the best of the best surgery and care at the hands of Dr. Kruschinski. My daughter and I just returned and it is the first time in 13 years she has gotten relief from adhesion pain that was dominating her life! She had had 2 surgeries in the states and both surgeries only made her worse! I would advise anyone with ARD not to submit to surgery by any physician in the states. If you want to be free of adhesions, you need Dr. Kruschinski. Best wishes, Karen -------Original Message------- From: Date: Sunday, April 27, 2003 12:22:48 AM To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Germany

My adhesions have left me with IBD, I've been using Zelnorm to help with 
some irregular bowels. When I stopped using it my diarreha comes back.
Has anyone gone to Germany for preventive surgery? I'm in mild adhesion pain

now; but was told by my surgeon at my last surgery (Jan for a bowel 
obstruction), that my adhesions were severe. They were so severe my surgeon 
could not do the surgery Laprascopic, or even Hand assisted. He told me he 
couldn't get his hand in. He opened me and cleaned me out and used 
Seprafilm. So I'm guessing I still have adhesions growing inside me again. 
If this Dr. K was in New York I would certainly seek his services. So maybe 
Germany is worth traveling to see the best Dr.? Am I thinking right about 


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