Re: sucess rate?

Thu Apr 24 17:16:36 2003


The difference in these surgeons is the technique they use. They take their time in doing what I call a miracle. You see I have suffered since my first surgery in 1966. It took me only a few short months until my symptoms started. Both DR Gerhart & Reich both know that any tissue, blood or anything else left behind help in the formation of the adhesions. They said my case was the worst either of them had ever seen. I had no protective lining left in my abdomen at all. From the pictures I have you could not even tell they were intestines. I have been mostly pain free for 2 1/2 months since the surgery & I can tell you the pain I do have from time to time is bearable. I do not have chronic diarrhea anymore. I can eat whatever I want without fear. I hope this helps. I know where Long Branch is, I remember going to the haunted house there many years ago, before that terrible fire. Hope this finds you somewhat comfy!!

Hugs-prayers & pain free moments to my extended family!!!!!!!!!!!

Patti Grey Wolf

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