Re: My Surgery report

From: Sue (
Wed Apr 23 13:20:39 2003

thanks, Robin, I will work through this, I just think seeing it in black and white, and STILL having pain, got to me today. I will also pray for some important advances in this area. thank you for your prayers, they ARE appreciated.


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Sue I know saying that I am sorry won't take away your pain, but I am sorry that the dr didn't do more, or at least try a little bit more, or at least have a little more compasion for what you are going through. Yeah maybe the adhesions themselves don't cause the pain, but when the little devils are conneceted and pulling two vital organs back and forth that causes pain, like the colon(intestines) which move about pulling on the liver( I have those connected also) and I am just buying my time before the next major bowel obstruction and we HAVE to operate.

I wish there was a clear cut(no pun intended) answer here, but there doesn't seem to be and no one of us seems to respond the same. I to am a scar tissue queen as my one dr puts it and just had Thoracic outlet release and they are praying the scarring doesn't mess it up.(fat chance)

A prayer for you I offer to God for at least a peaceful nights rest Sue, and some day a cure to all this, God Bless, Robin Duffy

Sue <> wrote: Well, I am so totally bummed out, I just read the surgury report form the Surgeon. done on 3-21-03.

remember how I said, I felt SOOO good, and then in about 10 days, the SAME pain started to creep back." well, it seems she "Saw" my abdominal cavity "full" of many adhesions, and got many of them, but the place I complained about most right over my liver..... the report says this....

"there were adhsions between the anterior lateral abdonimal wall and the right colon. the large adhesion was taken down sharpley using Metzenbaim scissors. We placed a suprabubic 5mm port under direct vision.....we then viewed the upper abdomin. there were many adhesions between the omentum and the anterior abdominal wall along the midline. there were alot of dense adhesions between the omentum and the underside of and the top side of the liver, and I elected to leave those intact as I could not directly see where the liver started and ended. the area of pain in the epigastic area was situated where there was alot of adhesions near the midline. they were lysed as best as could be."

this means, she saw MANY adhesions, only taking what was easy to get to. where she cleaned me out, I am feeling great, the original PAIN I went in for, she left most of them, because they cover my liver. I am crying as I type this, because I am so frustrated.

She said to me, many doctors do not believe it is adhesions causing pain. I just looked at her, in disbelief. she SAW...took a picture of the "rope" adhesion connecting my liver to my colon.. and she need I was feeling so much pain, my words to her were...I HAVE NO LIFE!.... and she says..drs don;t think adhesions cause pain.

I am in PAIN.. almost every day, I am in PAIN. I hoped so much that this would end the pain. now, I will sooner or later need to find a surgeon that will go in...cut me wide open again and clean me out. I was toild 25 years ago, the adhesions embedded in my spine would cause trouble later, but they were afraid of causing paralysis if they dug in there too deep.

I need to come to terms with this setback, and work through it, because I am so upset right now.

just wanted to share this so some of you that are getting the run around, know it is NOT JUST YOU!


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