Re: Germany trip

From: winged phantom (
Wed Apr 23 13:19:30 2003

Oh my gosh! You have me in tears... big time! They are just running down my face! I am so excited and relieved for your daughter and for all of you! What an exciting experience!

I'll have to print this out for my husband to read. He is very supportive of me and all the pain I have been in. Surprisingly, after my recent three level neck fusion, I don't feel the rib and stomach pain I have been feeling the past few months, but I'm glad it's gone, even if for a little while. But my guts still don't "work right", so I don't quite think it may have only been a neurological problem.

God bless you all. Thanks for sharing your story, and for having the courage to go to Germany and be a trailblazer for all who will follow. wr

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