Re: My Surgery report

From: winged phantom (
Wed Apr 23 13:29:42 2003

Sue, I can feel how upset you are, but maybe it was for the best that she left those adhesions in. In other words, maybe she knew she did not have the abilities to go in and do a good job on those adhesions that are causing you the most pain. That is much better than being butchered! Plus you know that these adhesions will probably grow back and have to be removed again.

It's probably best for you to seriously consider a trip to Germany or one of the few specialists here in the States. For now, I'm glad you do not have a perforated bowel or pierced liver.

I hope you will take these words in the spirit with which they are meant. I fully understand how miserable you feel and what your disappointment is, but it takes a specialist to deal with the worst adhesions, not just your everyday gynecologist.... who cannot even admit or understand how much pain adhesions cause.

Take care, wr

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