Has any one had this done?

From: Robin (rmasse2333@aol.com)
Fri Apr 18 08:27:49 2003

Dear All, I was refered to another DR. She wants me to have vaginal floor physical therapy. I am not sure what it intails. She is also talking about an electrod, something like the tens unit, but much stronger. The electrods are attached to the nerves in the lower back to help reduce the pain. The first put in a trial one, if it works, they will put in a more permanent one. I am having a hard time right now. Last Friday, my Dad had a stress test done that did not go well. On Wed night, my Mom took him to the hospital with chest pains.(He is On Thurs, they did a angeogram & found 95% blockage & 65% blockage & took him into surgery & put in 2 stents. He is supose to be going home today. Well, that is stressful, but the worse part is I didn't find any of it out until Thursday noon! I was on the way home (5 hour trip) from the DR appointment. I am just so upset that my Mom didn't tell me that any of this was going on. I talked to her on Sunday & she didn't tell me about the stress test on Friday. When my Grandmother died (right over 5 yrs ago), she called me. She said "Nonnie is dead". no warning or I have bad news or anything. I am afraid my Dad is going to die & she will not tell me until it is too late for me to go & see him. I did call & talk to my Dad yesterday. I am going to call him this morning too. My Mother is a psycologist. She does counceling for so many, but it seems when it comes to me, she is heartless. I am just hurt & angry that my Dad could have died & she didn't say anything to me. love & prayers to all, robin M

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