Re: Has any one had this done?

From: Dawn (
Sun Apr 20 08:16:35 2003

Dear Robin, I think what you are refering to is the Medtronic nuerostimulator. It is just starting to be used to treat chronic pain and was developed I believe to help with incintinance. My uero/gyn wanted to do it. He did believe my pain was caused by adhesions....and they were. I believe they have a web site ( Medtronic). I was a candidate but never went thru with it as it limits your ability to go into certain with a pacemaker. My daughter needs MRI's alot and she is too young to go in alone so I chose not to seek this route. With the stimulator you cannot have an MRI. See if there is info on the neurostimulator in the archives. I believe there is. My prayers for you and your family. Hope this helps. Love, Dawn >
>Dear All,
>I was refered to another DR. She wants me to have vaginal floor
>physical therapy. I am not sure what it intails. She is also talking
>about an electrod, something like the tens unit, but much stronger. The
>electrods are attached to the nerves in the lower back to help reduce
>the pain. The first put in a trial one, if it works, they will put in a
>more permanent one.
>I am having a hard time right now. Last Friday, my Dad had a stress
>test done that did not go well. On Wed night, my Mom took him to the
>hospital with chest pains.(He is On Thurs, they did a angeogram & found
>95% blockage & 65% blockage & took him into surgery & put in 2 stents.
>He is supose to be going home today. Well, that is stressful, but the
>worse part is I didn't find any of it out until Thursday noon! I was on
>the way home (5 hour trip) from the DR appointment. I am just so upset
>that my Mom didn't tell me that any of this was going on. I talked to
>her on Sunday & she didn't tell me about the stress test on Friday. When
>my Grandmother died (right over 5 yrs ago), she called me. She said
>"Nonnie is dead". no warning or I have bad news or anything. I am
>afraid my Dad is going to die & she will not tell me until it is too
>late for me to go & see him. I did call & talk to my Dad yesterday. I
>am going to call him this morning too. My Mother is a psycologist. She
>does counceling for so many, but it seems when it comes to me, she is
>heartless. I am just hurt & angry that my Dad could have died & she
>didn't say anything to me.
>love & prayers to all,
>robin M

I'm no doctor, just a fellow sufferer like you but I hope you consider me a new friend.

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