chronic pain - adhesions?

From: bep (
Wed Apr 16 09:54:06 2003

Hi, Looking for some answers. I have pain in lower left abdomen. Feels like my ovary is swollen and infected. Unfortunately I have no ovaries. The pain will travel up my flank and wrap around to lower back. I was told it was back problems and sent for CT and MRI that showed no major problem. I was sent to therapy and pain injections in back. No improvement. This started up in Sept. I left back specialist after being told my sacrum was out of place and go to therapy again. I was off work for 4 months. I went back to work and tried to hack it. I drive a school bus. The pain was getting worse. Went to chiropractor who said my whole back was twisted out of shape and my right leg to short. Was up to my 4th visit when pain came on so strong I ended up in ER. They felt I had adhesions after nothing else showed up. Over the last couple of years have had same type symptoms but they would go away eventually in couple of weeks. Have had my colon looked at and told I had irritable bowel. Had my bladder and kidneys checked for stones and everything looks good. I went to OBGYN who also said adhesions because of hysterectomy done 8 yrs ago, with removal of ovaries a year later due to adhesions. The year after that I had my bladder lifted. He sent me to surgeon who ran complete Abdomen CT with contrast. Again everything looks good. But I am still in bad pain. The pain is now in lower left abdomen and seems to stay there more than radiating around. I have some tender spots and by the end of day of driving, I am having severe stabs of pain that seem to burn. My whole gut then feels like it is burning. Any bowel movement causes pain to increase whether I have constipation or diahrea. I don't sleep because of pain. I use naproxen which doesn't do a thing for pain. Surgeon wants to look at colonoscopy that was done last year before I hear from her again. Could this all be about adhesions? How do I get someone to something other than run tests. Mentally and physically I am drained. I want my life back. Any suggestions? Thank You.

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