Who should do lysis of adhesions?

From: Anita Rivera (arivera@covhlth.com)
Tue Apr 15 12:36:49 2003

I am 16 weeks post-op of a complete hysterectomy. My OB/GYN has already determined that I most likely have formed adhesions, as I am experiencing a tugging (sometimes painful) sensation on my lower left side, in addition to having some GI distress. The GI distress makes me concerned about possible bowel obstruction. My question is two-fold: First, who should do lysis of adhesions once a complete hysterectomy has been performed? Is this something I should return to my OB/GYN for or, at this point, does it fall more in the general surgeon arena? Secondly, through reading some of the other entries on the forum I've learned the symptoms of bowel obstruction, but how fast is the onset of these symptoms and how do I distinguish the difference between a bowel obstruction and irritable bowel, which I've suffered from for years? Thanks to anyone who can help.


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