Re: Bowel Adhesions

From: Sue (
Tue Apr 15 12:33:41 2003

I think it sounds like it to me, thing is, until they open you up or do a lapro, they don;t know for sure, my gut feeling is that is exactly what it is!....

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> I had a hystorectomy 8 years ago. I noticed right after, that my
> bladder seemed to pull where the incision was. The doctor said it was
> spasms. Every since, when the urge to urinate hits me, I have to go
> right then. I've had several episodes where I didn't make it. The last
> couple of years, I've had trouble with my bowel. I've had a ct scan and
> an a scope done. Nothing was found. I still have the problem with
> constipation then diahrea. Could this be a sign of adhesions? If any
> one has an opinion, please let me know.

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