Re: Bowel Adhesions

From: Anita Rivera (
Tue Apr 15 13:01:31 2003

At Tue, 15 Apr 2003, Sue Smith wrote: >
>I had a hystorectomy 8 years ago. I noticed right after, that my
>bladder seemed to pull where the incision was. The doctor said it was
>spasms. Every since, when the urge to urinate hits me, I have to go
>right then. I've had several episodes where I didn't make it. The last
>couple of years, I've had trouble with my bowel. I've had a ct scan and
>an a scope done. Nothing was found. I still have the problem with
>constipation then diahrea. Could this be a sign of adhesions? If any
>one has an opinion, please let me know.

Sue, like you I noticed a pulling sensation after my hysterectomy 16 weeks ago. My OB/GYN believes the muscle has adhered to the bowel and anticipates I will need to have lysis of adhesions sometime in the future. I have also experienced some GI distress, consisting of a pressure-like pain in my gut and diahrea and constipation. My OB/GYN indicated this could very likely be a result of adhesions and has cautioned me to watch out for signs of bowel obstruction which could occur from a few months post-hysterectomy to years later. From what I understand, these signs are diahrea in the early stages, then constipation and later, vomiting. Have you experienced any pain or just the constipation/diareah? Also, do these symptoms come and go and, if so, how long do they generally last? How long ago did you have your CT scan and scope? I know how you feel -- I find myself being paranoid every time I get one of these conditions for fear something has adhered to somewhere it shouldn't and I'll find myself in surgery again. I would check with your doctor, again, though if you find the symptoms become more chronic. Good luck!


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