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Sat Apr 12 07:34:48 2003

Hi...I have a question.....Can't some doctor go visit with the Dr K in Germany and learn what he is doing? Seem's to is a no brainer that over 600 people from this quilt would be his patients......just wondering. Kristiee

At Sat, 12 Apr 2003, Dawn wrote: >
>Dear Heidi,
>Boy, I know how you feel. Are you having bowel problems too? Thats
>probably why the docs want you off vicodan. Most pain killers given the
>ARD sufferer are narcotic and cause bowel motility problems awful
>catch 22. I was also put on duragesic patch and wow it made a world of
>difference. I also started having problems urinating though...then to
>self cathing all the time. Not good! The ureo/gyn said I had nerve
>damage. I started to waste to Germany and my hero...Dr.
>Daniel Kruschski. When he preformed my adhesiolysis he found my poor
>bladder attached to my liver and streched across to my bowels. 36 hours
>after surgery I asked to leave to hospital as I felt brand new
>again....still having problems peeing...Dr. K. said take off the
>patch...well I was terrified to but when I did I had no more problems
>peeing anymore. You see if you read the insert of the patch you will
>find one of the side effects is urinary retention from my experience it
>is big time retention. Before I went to germany I had gone to ER
>locally as I could not pee at all...they cathed me and told me to come
>off the patch...I did...then tests at the uero/gyn...after it was
>decided it was nerve damage they said go back on the patch and well the
>next thing I know I was in Germany. Between the distortion of my
>bladder internally with the addition of the patch and the side effect of
>urinary retention...all the pushing in the world would not produce pee.
>As to being addicted to the patch..I know many worry about this...
>The first time they told me to take it off it was difficult and I went
>thru tollerable but frustrating withdrawl symptoms but the second time I
>went off...48 hour after surgery with Dr. Kruschinki I took the patch
>off and never looked back, no withdrawl, I was no longer in pain! I am
>happy to say that thru the slew of meds I was on I am down to only 3
>pills a day total and will soon be weaned off pain meds and others soon.
>Sounds like you have a good doc that believes in your pain if you are
>given duragesic patch. If this was your surgeon as well then they are
>pretty sure I would imagine that you are in pain when they saw the mess
>caused by ARD inside you. Dearest Heidi, Please, when you feel well
>enough or have someone willing...get your operative report and read
>through it. Secure your surgical consent form too while your at
>it...always good to have for every one.
>You will see better exactly what happened to you during surgery....I
>find you get a little chat from your surgeon after you wake up from
>surgery...while you are throwing up or whatever post surgical la la
>state you are in, they usually tell you how well the operation went and
>they'll see you in 6 weeks for a check up....hmmm. Thats usually good
>enough for most folks but...
>I think you'll be surprised by your op report. If you do find yourself
>soon in pain again I would not hesitate to get the best and highest
>success rate adhesiolysis from Dr. K. in will see his
>information in the sponsor section under Uero/Gyn. Contact Lisa ( his
>IAS liason with contact info in the sponsor information) and send your
>op reports to him.
>He'll tell you if he can help you...most likely he can. I worry so that
>many have adhesiolysis here in the states as they are desparate to be
>out of pain. We in the states are no where near being able to perform a
>proper adhesiolysis and for now all hope for relief lies it
>is your best chance to become pain free and adhesion free...for less
>that the price of say a hyundai. The highest success rate of all, the
>best surgeon who preform adhesiolysis, gassless laparoscapy ( the gas
>itself can cause adhesion growth)...I can't say enough about
>gas pain after surgery and of course proper application of spray gel. If
>I can be of further service to you please do not hesitate to caonact me.
>>Hello. I hope everyone is doing well. I had my laparoscopy done
>>Thursday. Well, let me back up a few days. I went to the new pain
>>doctor. He is so nice. Understood that I was indeed in a lot of pain.
>>Asked if I would like for him to take over all my pain medications and I
>>said yes. He told me to get off of the Vicodin. He instead wants me on
>>Norco 10 mg and I can take no more then 8 a day right now. He also gave
>>me Duragesic 25MCG/HR DIS JANS patches. I am not sure what those
>>patches are but I know that for the first time in I don't know how many
>>years I woke up in a small amount of pain. I was so happy! But then at
>>the same time, scared because what if for some reason this doctor gets a
>>hold of my old doctors and he sees that they never thought I was in that
>>much pain? I have never been out of this pain before and I guess now I
>>am getting paniced because I don't want to ever go back in that much
>>pain again. Does that make any sense? Finally finding a doctor who says
>>he will help you means getting the quality of my life back! Yes, it will
>>be expensive because my insurance will only pay 80% and the medications
>>are very expensive, but my life is worth that! And, I could possible
>>work once these medications regulate my pain to a tolerable level. I
>>suppose I need someone to calm me down and tell me that this isn't a
>>dream and that someone is really going to help me.
>>Okay, the next day, I had to get a root canal. My tooth is still in
>>pain! UGH! The doctor told me to take Vicodin and the pain dr said nope
>>take the Norco. Still taking the Norco and the patches. Wednesday
>>night, the night before my surgery, I can't go pee! What the heck??
>>Thursday morning, still can't pee very much. Get to the hospital and I
>>tell the doctors. They put me under and gave me some meds for the
>>possible urianry infection and put in a cathitar. I wake up with the
>>cathater in and they take it out and told me to try to pee. I tried and
>>I couldn't. The put the cath back in and I peed 400mg! They took the
>>cath back out and, nope, couldn't pee again. Put it back in and, yep,
>>there I go pee. So they had me go home with the cath in me. I was
>>going fine in the cath at home until about the AM on Friday morning.
>>Couldn't hardly pee at all. Had to go to the ER and they took the cath
>>out and I peed a little bit on my own. I can go now without the cath,
>>but I sit there for about 15 min until I fee like I went all I could go.
>>Anyone ever had this problem?
>>I go to the OBGYN tomorrow, and she said she removed a cyst on my left
>>ovary. I am SO sore by my belly buttinand there is another cut on the
>>right side.
>>Any help on these concerns of mine I would really appreciate.
>>Thank you all so much.
>>Heidi Jo
>I'm no doctor, just a fellow sufferer like you but I hope you consider me a new friend.

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