Joe and Irene

From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Apr 8 13:34:40 2003

Hi, Dear Joe, I just wanted to say what a good job you did in writing that email and what a great job you are doing in supporting your wife. My story is similar in many ways to yours. If my husband had not been strong and supportive enough to practically carry me to Germany and Dr. Kruschinski, I probably would not be here today. The unending pain gets you down. Its so hard to function and remain optimistic, but if you have family who just plain refuse to let you give up, its incredibly helpful. Obviously, you have to be motivated yourself, or its all for nought. ARD destroys lives in so many ways, by taking away our abilities and replacing them with pain and mental confusion. After hearing doctor after doctor telling you that you are crazy and its all in your head and adehsions don't cause pain, it takes a lot of strength to just hold your head high and keep on going. We are not the problem, the incorrect information taught in medical schools is the problem. So dear Joe and Irene, keep on trying and good luck to you both. You deserve the best. Love, Sally Grigg

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