do adhesions continue to grow or do they stop growing at some point? need to know answer...

From: fawn (
Tue Apr 8 13:40:30 2003

this is a question that i have been wondering about. i had a full hyst almost a year ago. since 98 been trying to save repro, but after many other surgeries. there was nothing left to do.

after every single surgery. iv had massive adhesions.(abdominal) i blow up like a balloon after i eat doesn;t matter how much.

have had problems with bowels too.. not emotionlly ready for surgery again for adhensions... and i need new gyno... old doesn't take my insurance anymore..

so my question is,, do ahdesions stop growing after a period of time ??

old doc wont tell me.. since he is no longer my doc...

thanks. fawn

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