Any success stories with Dr. Riech

From: I and J (
Wed Apr 2 12:18:18 2003

Hello: I was just wondering did anybody have total relief from adhesions after their surgery with Dr. Riech? I really hope so. I keep reading and all I read is suffering. I know the type of suffering, and I guess people cannot understand it unless they have experienced it themselves. I do not wish it on anyone. I decided to take a walk today,it defintely was up there with one of the worst decisions I have made. My pain today is horrible, the meds are just not working anymore. Have I just acquired a tolerance for them or is the pain worse? I really do not know. My appointment with Dr. Reich is on the 8th. In reality it is only a week away, but that week of pain feels like it could be a lifetime away. I guess I am just venting. I really want to know if Dr. Riech has helped anybody????? Thanks for listening, Irene

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