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From: I and J (
Wed Apr 2 12:26:30 2003

At Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Bonnie wrote: >Hi Bonnie: I just read your story and I really feel for you. I am sorry but
I do not have an answer for you- I just thought I would write. i definitely can relate to the medical establishment thinking you are there just for a quick fix of medication. They really make you feel like a junky. Like we chose this life style. My husband and I are both going to see Dr. Riech on 3/8- I cannot allow myself to get my hopes up- because everywhere we turn is a dead end. The most I can do for you is wish you a painless day. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Irene

>Hi Everyone. I have been to this site numerous times before, and
>everyone here is so helpful, that is why I am writing now. It has been
>awhile so I will give you a background before I address my problem. (
>Bare with me's a long background.) I have undergone multiple
>surgeries for chronic abdominal/pelvic pain since 1997. It was thought
>that I had endometreosis (sp?) at first, but was later reprised. I went
>to see an OB/GYN in March of 1997, he immediately scheduled a diagnostic
>lap. which showed minimal endo, with minimal adhesions from an
>appendectomy in 1994. He decided to put me on Depo-Lupron, which worked
>for the first month. I went back to see this doc in June, the pain that
>I had prior to the surgery had gotten progressively worse. He scheduled
>a Uteral Sacral Nerve Ablation, which was done via laproscope. (this
>was done in December of 1998.) This surgery really didn't help me much,
>just caused me more pain. So, again I went back, this doc then
>scheduled a Presacral Neurectomy which was done by laparotomy( surgery
>was in April 1999) After this procedure, I was in Hell. Constant pain
>all the time,not just periodically like it was before the surgery. At
>this point I was not only frustrated but getting extremely pist off. (
>Sorry for the potty mouth, even talking about it gets me angry) So, I
>went back. I told this doc that I was worse off than before and he
>needed to help me. So, what does he do, he recommends the removal of my
>right ovary. Since my pain is mostly right sided, I agreed thinking
>that was the proble. Well, I went in October of 2000, to my surprise,
>woke up to my doc leaning over the gurney telling me that he couldn't
>remove my ovary due to the fact that it was adhered to the pelvic wall.
>He said that it had to be removed by laparotomy. ( I should have
>realized at this point that this doc was a quack. Any idiot knows that
>when you sign a surgical consent it gives the doc permission to treat by
>any and all means. Why put me through another surgery for the same
>thing? SO 2 weeks later I was back in the OR. I ended up having a Total
>Abdominal Hysterectomy in April of 2001. When I went to see this doc
>for my year post op, he asked me how I was, I told him, my life is hell.
>I wake up in constant severe pain and I spend the rest of my day crying,
>doubled up on the couch. He looked at me and said, there is nothing
>more I can do.
>So, on went the search to find someone who could help me. While I was
>looking, I spent countless nights in the local ED in pain, with them
>looking at me like I was a drug addict looking for a fix. Not to
>mention that everytime I was in the ED I had to be carried in screaming
>in pain. This got old real quick. I met a doc who was an angel. He
>basically told me that I needed not to suffer anymore, it was right nor
>was it ethical to let me go on the way I was going. So, he put me on
>different meds, strting with Percocet, then Morphine, finally the
>miracal drug OxyContin. I could not beleive how my life had changed,
>just by one little pill. I had my life back, my daughter had her Mommy
>back. This docotr was my life saver. Until he left the practice. Then
>the current doc took over and said "I don't think it is appropriate to
>prescribe OxyContin for Intractable Pain." He pulled me off it, without
>warning, just stopped. This current doc refuses to give me anything for
>pain. He claims he doesn't feel "comfortable".
>He refered me to a surgeon, I went in tears, telling this guy I couldn't
>take much more of this pain. I was becoming suicidle. He said well
>let's go take a peek. So, I underwent another surgery. It showed that
>half of my inside were adhered to my abdominal wall.( This was Oct.2002
>) So, for 2 weeks I was pain free, well almost pain free. Then the pain
>came back. Again, and again there is nothing anyone can do for me.
>In November I was seen in the ED, Doc gave me 2 types of medicine,
>didn't work, he wanted to admit me for pain control, but my admission
>was denied by the attending say it was unacceptable.
>I need help. I don't know what to do anymore. I live in a small town
>that doesn't have much in the way of medical care. I have state
>insurance. The closest teaching hospital is in Boston which is 2 hours
>away from me, and I have no car. I am in excruciating pain and I can't
>take it anymore. There's only so much I can "block" out. I haven't
>slept in 3 days, can't eat. Please does anyone know of anything I can
>do? Iam eating Motrin like M&Ms, tried hot baths, heating pad,ect...ect.
>Thanks for listening. Sorry it is so long.
>God Bless All Of You!
>(((Gentle Hugs))))

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