Re: Any success stories with Dr. Riech

Thu Apr 3 11:14:11 2003


I have been truly blessed to have DR Reich as one of my surgeons. The other surgeon is DR Gerhart. They are both part of I had surgery here in Scranton Pa on 2/14/03 & I feel the best I have felt since 1966 (my first surgery). The procedure was laprascopic & I was one of the worst cases they have ever seen. I have had surgery every one to two years since 1966, & all were adhesion/endo related. After the lysis of the adhesions they made sure there was no blood or other tissue still in the operating area then put 2 litters of fluid in there to keep the bowels, bladder, liver & anything else flowing freely. I have not had much pain since the surgery. The only area that is still tender is the area of the liver. I will be going back for, what I call a look/see sometime in October. Anything else that may be adhered they will take care of then. I would say definitely get to their website & fill out the ARD form & they might be able to help you also. Feel free to email me anytime my web address is on my quilt square.

Hugs-prayers & pain free moments to my extended family!!!!!!!!!

Patti Grey Wolf

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