Re: Need advice, (kidney surgery and/or pain management)

From: Jenny (
Wed Apr 2 05:32:08 2003

I was told that my urethra had scar tissue on it. They stretched it twice in the past year trying to help me be able to empty my bladder. I don't think its worked. I know about those stints that you were talking about. I had kidney stones with all my pregnancies. The first baby, they thought I passed the stone after they flushed me with fluids. The second baby, I had surgery a month before she was born because the stones were clogging up the ureter and kidney. The third baby, from 4 /12 months into the pregnancy I was passing stones nonstop and at 4 1/2, 6 1/2, and 8 1/2 months had to have surgery to remove the old stent and put in a new one because they were clogged up with stones and had stones growing on the outside of the stint as well. I hated having those stints too. I felt like someone was in my bladder with a stick scraping the inside of the bladder. IT was miserable.

The doctor you are talking about is Harry Reich in New York. I was told that he is going to be in Germany in October where he can use the SprayGel. One of the doctors I saw here said that Dr. Reich is the "Grandfather of Laparoscopic Surgery". Apparently is an excellent doctor because I am way down here in Houston.


At Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Jayne wrote: > >>>Hi Jayne: Thanks a million for answering. It actually made me smile, >>where smiles are rare for me lately. I had a million tests for stones, >>actually > >You're welcome, that's what we're all here for to brighten one another's >day and act as sounding boards. > >>I just returned home to New York from Pennsylvania today. I was hoping >>for stones. > >This made me smile actually. When the pain continued, under my right >rib long after the stones and stent were removed, I had many >ultrasounds, more IVP's and even a couple of exploratory surgeries and I >never thought I would see the day when I would wish for kidney stones. >That way the pain could be explained but when no stones were found it >drove me crazy because you then realize there is something else wrong. >Funnily, enough I don't get this pain as often now thank goodness so >whatever it was settled down. > >>To answer your question about scar tissue on ureters -YES- they can grow >>there too. I had that removed on my last surgery and the dreaded stent >>was placed in one of the ureters- UGH, I hated that stent too. > >And the stents are so painful, aren't they? I've been through the ringer >with surgeries and constant pain, like we all do here, but man, that >stent beat them all out. > >>Basically on paper I am a perfect speciman of health. In reality, I am >>in pain 24/7. If I don't have pain medication I cannot even get off the >>couch and I cannot speak. For some reason speaking increases the pain. >>I have found vicodin the best- once there is enough in me- I am good for >>a couple of hours. Percoset, I did not like at all- it gave me heart >>palpatations. > >The problem I have with all my painkillers is I have to take Gravol with >them and so if I'm driving or have an appointment to attend or whatever >I can't take the painkillers. > >I've only been on Percocet for about 6 weeks and I'm having a hard time >adjusting to it because it's the slow release form. To me, it seems to >take longer to dull the pain and I thought once my body got used to it >it would help but I'm finding it's not. > >I don't know if this is connected to the Percocet or not but since >taking it I have had at least three migraines that were so severe I >vomited for hours. I don't usually throw up with my migraines (thank >goodness because I'm such a baby when it comes to nausea/vomiting - I >can take anything but that) no matter how severe they got but now all of >a sudden I get three in a row. One night it was so bad I took a >sleeping pill to make me sleep the pain away. > >>Thank goodness for my husband, because I would not be capable of making >>any decisions or any doctor appointments. He researches until he makes >>everyone in this house crazy. He puts up with a lot, I just feel so bad >>for him, because he worries so much, I just wish that I can have my life >>back so we can get on with ours. > >I can relate to this. My family have been real troupers they have been >through so much with me but are always there no matter what. When I had >my knee replacement, in 1996 at the age of 36, I was flat on my back for >8 months in a machine that would bend my leg for me and my family did >everything they could. > >My family doctor is the best! He is so patient with me, he doesn't make >me feel like an idiot when I ask so many questions or suggest that maybe >we should try a different angle to pinpoint what could be wrong with me >and he always discusses the ins and outs of any medication he gives me >or procedures he sends me for. > >>Have you ever heard of this dr. harry Reesh (probably spelled wrong)? >>He is in Pennsylvania. We do have an appointment with him on the 8th. I >>wonder after today, when the surgeon said the surgery is too risky. Do >>you think this Dr Reesh can perfom miracles? I am not quite sure. My >>medication is wearing off, so I must go and ly down AGAIN. It was >>really nice talking to you. > >I live in Ontario, Canada and so, no, I am not familiar with Dr. Reesh >and because of this I can't comment on his skills, sorry. > >It was good chatting to you to, Irene. Keep your chin up we're here if >you need us. > >Take care > >-- >Jayne >Ontario, Canada >

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