Part 2 of 3...Hurtful coments * some doctors * have told their patients, who already suffer from ARD...

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Apr 1 11:42:25 2003

...Don't ask about adhesions; because adhesions are not my specialty.

...I've been a surgeon for 33 years. Everyone knows adhesions don't cause pain.

...Talk to your surgeon. I'm not the one with the knife (who cut you).

...I'm glad you felt better for a period of time after your last adhesiolysis; but I only do this type of surgery once.

...What do you think people did before there were surgeons? They learned to live with their pain.

...If you have an adhesiolysis, the possibility for new adhesions is too great.

...Since your divorce, you have been having less pain and suffering. So now you want a surgery - that will only cause more pain - because you miss it?!?!

...It must be just you!

...You will just have to "toughen up."

...This may just be something you will have to learn to live with.

...ALL you're looking for is sympathy.

...You're "acting like a baby."

...You're making it sound worse than it really is.

...You are so focused on your pain, that you're making it worse.

...We need you to have a psychological evaluation before you can have surgery (for lysis of adhesions).

...If you don't want to be dropped as my patient, you will have to see the psychologist.

...There is nothing wrong with you. It must be "all in your head."

...Either you're anorexic or you're...(the doctor points to his head.)

...You better consult a priest. Your pain must be"all in your head.

...You must be in a stressful relationship; and that's what's causing your pain.

...All patient's react differently to pain. You must have a low tolerance for pain.

...Some women handle pain better than others.

...I'm 99% sure we won't find anything.

...There is no pain such as the pain you're describing!!

...All patient's heal differently; and you're just taking a very long time to heal

...As the doctor pushes on my left side - and I jump up in pain, he says, " What? It hurts here? I don't feel anything" (as he continues to push harder - and I pass out from the pain).

NOTE: Part 3 of 3 is next!

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