Re: Please Pray For MOm and Me!

From: Millie (
Wed Jul 31 17:52:50 2002

I am so sorry to learn the news about your Mom. My Grandma had metastatic breast cancer,also. My prayers are with all of you. Millie.

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> Hi all...I just wanted to let you know that we got some not so good news
> regarding my Mother.
> The Dr told us today that she does in fact have a tumor to the side of
> her vochal chords..he calls this Metastatic Breast Cancer.
> And this tumor is very small and if cancer could most likely be cured
> with surgery , But at this time..Mom says she will go no further with
> diagnostics nor any sort of treatment or surgery.
> So right now i am just reeling from this news and Moms stand regarding
> surgery..i am very scared and sad that Mom would not fight this thing,
> and it would most likely be very at this point i dont know
> what to do or her..i think my hubby plans to discuss it with her
> .and lets just pray that my Mother will listen.
> I guess that is all we can do right please please say some
> special prayers for us and that God will show Mom exactly what he wants
> her to do..ok
> Thank You All for your prayers and Love and Support..
> Especially my Dear Friend Shawnna.
> Hugs and Love
> Tish..

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