MRI results

From: Christine Lake (
Wed Jul 31 18:27:14 2002

Hi everyone! I finally got my MRI test results today. I actually have some bulging in some of my vertabrae and it coincides directly with the back pain I'm having. I can't believe they finally found something. Now the only question is, what's causing the bulging, and is it extreme enough to be causing my pain. I'm scheduled to see an Orthopedist tomorrow to be evaluated. I still think it's adhesions attached to my back, but my gynecologist wants to have my back looked at before she does the laporoscopy. I just love my gynecologist! She has been so caring. I get so frustrated with doctors. I left a message for my primary doctor to call me yesterday about my pain medication, and that I'm always crying over nothing, and do you think he's called me yet? NO!! So I guess I will call again tomorrow. It's been a tough week so far, and I just want to curl up in bed and hide. Thanks for listening. Christine Lake

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