Please Pray For MOm and Me!

From: Tish (
Wed Jul 31 17:12:09 2002

Hi all...I just wanted to let you know that we got some not so good news regarding my Mother. The Dr told us today that she does in fact have a tumor to the side of her vochal chords..he calls this Metastatic Breast Cancer. And this tumor is very small and if cancer could most likely be cured with surgery , But at this time..Mom says she will go no further with diagnostics nor any sort of treatment or surgery. PERIOD. So right now i am just reeling from this news and Moms stand regarding surgery..i am very scared and sad that Mom would not fight this thing, and it would most likely be very at this point i dont know what to do or her..i think my hubby plans to discuss it with her ..and lets just pray that my Mother will listen. I guess that is all we can do right please please say some special prayers for us and that God will show Mom exactly what he wants her to do..ok Thank You All for your prayers and Love and Support.. Especially my Dear Friend Shawnna. Hugs and Love Tish..

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