thanks for being here

From: anonymous (
Wed Jul 31 15:56:28 2002

I'm very glad to find this site. Been suffering with adhesions for nearly 20 years. And trying to convince anyone, Drs, friends, family, hubbies, that I'm really in pain has been impossible. Thanks to HMO's my docs have been changed nearly every year. And the new ones never have a clue.

My first surgery was in 1982. 3 months later another surgery. 3 months after that my first bowel obstruction. Took 2 days to be admitted, as docs kept thinking it was my fussy ovary (only one left at this point) so they kept sending my continuously vomiting body home. Finally admitted and surgeon on call was not a nice person, shall I say. He slugged me when I had trouble with him inserting the ng tube. After surgery I had a Baker's tube coming from the other nostril. A week of being hooked up to pumps on the tubes, pumped fresh blood one day. The doc told me I made him look bad, so he aspirated with ice water, removed the tube and sent me home. I vomited blood clots for the next 20 hours, as he refused to readmit me. We finally went to the ER anyway, where I sat in a room by myself for another 8 hours,as he told the nurses I was faking when they called him.

Another week in the hospital, the Bakers Tube came out 6 weeks later, and I lost all trust in the medical profession. Wanted to sue the surgeon, not for money but for his license, and he died on the golf course before my Baker's tube came out. At least he couldn't hurt anyone else.

Still I had a complete hysterectomy a couple of years after that, and a couple years later, again, had another bowel obstruction. This one was handled with minimally invasive surgery.

Just last year spent 4 days in hospital with another obstruction, but it worked itself out, I guess.

My current problems are digestion, lost 15 feet of small bowel, and food rushes through me now. Continuous pelvic pain. My current doc wants me to exercise harder, yet it tears me up. I can tolerate some yoga & walking and now he tells me to run if I expect any cardio benefit, walking is NO GOOD. I have bladder trouble, and hemmorhoids that are so painful they put me down for the day or more.

Guess I'm not asking for advice, (unless someone has a tip for those hemmorhoids) but it's just nice to say all this somewhere that it is understood. Thank you. And bless everyone who knows this nightmare.


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