Re: thanks for being here

Wed Jul 31 21:30:45 2002

Amen, & God Bless You Sweety, I'm an Adhesion suffer myself for about 19 tears just had my 14th surgery, so I hesr you, had the surgery on july 12 with Adhesion Barrier & still fill like Adhesions are trying to come back, but I'm alot better than when I went in Damn these things, (Sorry) but when will they ever let us be.... I mean sometimes I think I'd rather be diagnosed with cancer then they would reconize it treat it, & you would know & everyone would not look at you like a Hypocondreact(However you spell the darn word) God Bless you Honey, & I feel you & your pain, may You accepy my big, big, hug, & Love my Darlin'...........Angie

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