Re: how are adhesions diagnosed?

From: Robin M (
Tue Jul 30 06:06:05 2002

Dear Amy, A lap is the only way to diagnose adhesions. Unless a test shows an organ out of place or twisted. Next step is to get your pain under control. You need to ask for pain pills. Either your DR can prescribe them, or he can send you to pain management. There are other ways to get adhesions. A trama can cause them. Any kind of accident or say a cyst on your ovary bursting. I wish you lots of luck.

robin M

At Mon, 29 Jul 2002, amy wrote: > >Hi, > >This is my first time posting and I'm wondering if someone can answer my >questions. > >Is there a way to diagnose adhesions other than having a laparoscopy? >After several months of lower abdominal pain, I had a laparoscopy in May >and the doctor released many adhesions. The pain came back two weeks >later and is felt daily. At times the pain is debilitating. Since >cancer is prevalent in my family, I later had a CT scan and a >colonoscopy. Both were clear. I am guessing that I have more adhesions >but why should I undergo another laparoscopy when the adhesions will >likely return anyway? I don't know what to do next and my doctor is not >very helpful. > >Can adhesions be seen with an ultrasound? > >Is it unusual for someone my age (33) to have adhesions? I never had >surgery b/f the laparoscopy. > >I appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

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